7 Best Steps to Repair Tangled Hair After Coloring

Anyone can repair tangled hair. Sure, it can be challenging, particularly after you have just colored it. You got the color that you have always wanted.

Sadly, the coloring process changes the texture of your hair. Typically, hair becomes dull, feels like straw, and tangled. So, what do you do? Fix it, of course.

Before fixing anything, you need to know what you are dealing with. What color of your hair and what color did you choose?

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Is it a temporary dyeing, or is it a long-lasting one? The more complicated the color, the more complex the ingredient.

Moreover, the longer the color will last, meaning you are using heavier products with a higher chance of damaging and tangling your hair.

Simple Ways to Repair Tangled Hair That You Have Just Color

Saloon does color all the time. They also know the proper treatment to repair tangled hair and make it soft again. With the right products, habits, and other treatments, your colored hair can be perfectly smooth and tangle-free.

There are so many things that you can do. First, you can give the hair its moisturizer back. It is the element that prevents it from being fuzzy and unappealing. Second, you can adopt certain habits to care for your hair would be best. Lastly, use the product that works for you. Here are some steps to repair tangled hair due to the coloring process.

1. Put On Conditioner

After dyeing hair, some of your hair’s moisture is lost in the process. Condition your hair right away with a special conditioner for colored hair. If there is not, any conditioner will be fine. First, put it on, leave it for three minutes, then rinse with cool water.

A professional treatment can be done by booking a conditioning treatment. Most hair salons offer this service for their customer who dye their hair. It is a treatment to ensure the coloring result remains beautiful for extended periods. So, it is a win-win situation.

Generally, products with built-in conditioners for coloring hair are more substantial than standard conditioners. Therefore, you need to be cautious before using one. It is best to take a look at the ingredients. You can maintain your hair with a bit of care.

2. How You Wash Your Hair

You have chosen a deep conditioner for colored hair. Now, it is time to apply it generously. This means a regular conditioning routine, like once a week. If you have oily roots, rub the conditioner to the tips of your hair. The idea is to get to the bottom of your hair and nourish it deeply.

Repairing tangled hair after coloring means you will wash your hair more often. Remember to start with warm water and finish in cold. Warm water can open the hair follicle. So, the conditioner can go deep into the hair and return the lost moisture.

After washing the hair, you can use cold water to seal it back up. In other words, the cold water keeps the moisture inside. You may be a fan of cold water or can even shower without a hot shower. When you have tangled hair, this is the best way to treat it.

3. Maintaining Good Condition

Tangled hair after dyeing can be fixed by washing your hair more often. But it does not mean every day. It dries it out and makes all the conditioner disappear. So avoid washing for a few days; do so once a week or every three days.

Everyone has different hair. Washing the hair every two or three days is fine. If you are such a slacker, once a week can be doable. Just take a look at your hair and roots. If they’re oily, wash them more often. Just look and comb your hair daily. If you feel it stiff, it’s time to clean and condition.

Before you put conditioner, use a good shampoo. It is better to choose a light shampoo with sulfate-free ingredients. Shampoo, with oils for nourishment, can be a good option. However, you must select the one that is good for color-treated hair.

4. Avoid Heated Styling Tools And Go Natural

Your hair is tired after a bleach, a dye, or any other coloring method. So, let us calm down and avoid any heated styling tools whenever possible. So, curling iron hair dryers are a big No. It can only further dry and damage your hair. The best way to repair tangled hair moves is to live alone.

It’ll be a sacrifice for some people, but it is possible. Think of it as a quick solution to a long-term problem. So, go natural a few days a week after the coloring. If your hair is tangled, try to condition and wash it whenever it feels odd.

5. Detailed Process

Repair tangled hair can be done by detangling them. You can use your finger to wash your hair and untangle your hair as you are conditioning. After the shower, it detangled again with a special comb for tangled hair. You can use hair serum and mask as an additional treatment for the problem.

6. Trimming

Now, you have the right color, treatment, and habit. The hair is still messed up. So, what can you do? Please get rid of it. You trimmed your hair regularly. During the first 6-8 weeks, it is common to notice tangled and damaged hair. Since the hair already has enough going on. The best way to deal with the problem is to sit on it. You can restrain yourself from causing further damage. If it bothers you so much, trim it out.

You can repair tangled hair with ease. Even after you just got your hair colored. What you need to do is discipline and take good care of it. Remember to maintain a healthy hair treatment routine. You must put moisturizer on the conditioner and wash your hair more often. The result is sometimes right away. So, be patient. It is the secret of beautiful hair, even after using the coloring method.