Killers of the Flower Moon Review– 8 Facts About Scorsese’s Vicious Story on America’s Origin

Killers of the Flower Moon is as brutal as the title. If it throws you off, the list of cats may not. It has been a long time since Robert De Niro returned to the screen. With co-stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, the film already attracts critics and die-hard fans of the two actors.

The best deals on a good screenplay are the actors, the story, and the director. This movie has everything that attracts people, and they are waiting for the release date. Scorsese as the director is another guarantee for a hit movie. But the most significant interest is the storyline.

What You Need to Know About Killers of The Flower Moon

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killers of the flower moon

With a title like Killers of the Flower Moon, you will expect the film to be about murders. It’s not just the ordinary killing story. It goes deep behind over a dozen murder cases over several years. Martin Scorsese teamed up with screenwriter Eric Roth to elevate a non-fictional novel up to their standards.

Brief Storyline of The Film

The film’s setting is Oklahoma in the 1920s—a series of murders with victims connected to an oil-rich Native community. The origin of America may come from these companies, and the U.S. government is protecting it. So, at the beginning, there were no investigations for the cases.

It is a love story between a white man and a Native American woman. The government finally created the first FBI to investigate the murders. However, all goes sour for various reasons. What is the result of the murders? Can the crime go unpunished?

The Behind Story of Killers of The Flower Moon

David Grann’s novel of the same title is the base of the film. There were details that Scorsese maintained and gave more emphasis. The bottom line is that you are watching a series of murders from the killer’s point of view. Not just the back story and the killing scene. But also, the textures and background tapestries highlight a toxic love story of Native American genocide.

The Novel and The Movie

The thing about movies adapted from novels is the pressure. Some people want to compare between the two. Keeping the storyline can be very crucial for some fans. Yet, there are unpopular opinions on why making something precisely the same. A bit of differential here and there can be excellent.

Grann, the author, has all the cards. He manages to keep the readers on their toes. You think you are one step closer to the truth at the end of every chapter. It is almost downright inhumane for what he says. Readers can vividly imagine what happens in the killer’s head without knowing who it is.

The attention to detail is fantastic and even brutal. The writer of Killers of the Flower Moon reveals the methods of killing gradually. The movie is successful in taking viewers on that spine-chilling journey. It takes time to build up the suspense. And at the end, Scorsese nails the timeline.

The Birth of America’s FBI

There is so much going on in The Killers of the Flower Moon. It focuses on The Native American and describes the start of America’s most famous institute, the FBI. Bureau of Investigation began putting the pieces together. Scorsese and Roth depict these details right from the get-go.

Therefore, the audience is faced with a shocking conspiracy theory. Detective Tom White, played by Jesse Plemmons, is the FBI character investigating the crime. He is a unique character as his own. You would think that he does not take his job seriously. He shows up late and elicits confessions that everyone seems to know already. What does Scorsese want to highlight for such behavior? Yet, as a white man looking into a case for another white man. That can be the answer.

Murder Mystery In The Eyes Of The Murderer

De Niro is always such a great character actor. This kind of film will be unique with him as a cast. It is not your typical murder film where there are murders, and the clips are found guilty. The Killers of the Flower Moon goes deeper into the murderers’ point of view.

The audience may have a disgusting emotional punch following the storyline. You should brace yourself if this is not your cup of tea—the brazen its conspirators deem beneath the core of your value. And the movie does not stop there. There are financial gain, political influence, and the description of power.

People don’t just kill because they want to. Scorsese put out layers of reasoning that put the audience on their side. Killers of the Flower Moon is an extension of one of America’s original sins, how they treated the Native Americans across the century.

What Considers Murder

The reality now is different from back then. The film shows us how other ideas can turn and shift. According to the book, the line between white and native was extensive. It is a sensitive subject that unravels itself.

The notion of the Killers of The Flower Moon is white men killing a Native American is not considered murder. It is a vicious and cruel act. Yet, the action goes unpunished because of what society thinks. Then, everyone accepted this idea, which continued for quite some time.

The Cast That You Have Been Waiting For

Scorsese’s two favorite actors, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, unite in this film. It is a star power that gives excellent reviews for the media. Both are great actors with years of experience. De Niro has his fair share of profound character roles. DiCaprio stunned the world with Titanic and has been a fantastic cat for various films.

The Immerge of A New Star

The real revelation in this movie is Lily Gladstone. Scorsese brings the not-so-popular Gladstone as DiCaprio’s love interest. She is portrayed as a wealthy Osage tribeswoman, Mollie Burkhart, who falls in love with DiCaprio. The lady and chauffeur character seems simple yet boldly describes how culture and family can complicate things.

Gladstone gives a stunning performance. The two significant Holywood start does not overshine her. The acting is sweet and powerful. She successfully embodies a strong, self-assured person – with her aura slowly slipping away through her eyes and body over time.

Killers of the Flower Moon put forward a great cast and a fantastic story. There are layers of elements that make this movie worth watching. You may see it for Leonardo DiCaprio or Robert De Niro. Or wondering how good of a director Scorsese manages to turn a novel into a remarkable movie. You have to go to the theater and see it for yourself.