8 Mix and Match Summer Clothes to Look Beautiful and Simple

Summer is coming! Mix and match summer clothes to face the hot and humid weather. It is the best time to travel and sightseeing. Packing can be tricky because you want to travel light but have enough clothes to display different styles.

What You Can Wear For Summer Clothes

summer clothes, summer fashion week
summer clothes, summer fashion week

Clothes should make you comfortable. Especially when it is hot outside, and you sweat a lot. You don’t want to wear the wrong thing and feel even more desirable because you wear the wrong outfit. The last thing you want is to have a sunburn and ruin your vacation. You can mix and match summer clothes and look fabulous every day of your trip.

  • Choose breathable fabric, like cotton or linen. You can feel the summer breeze without feeling hot and very flowy.
  • Your clothes also need to be light. After all, it is summer. Dresses for that season should be effortless.
  • Neutral color. Summer is identical to the bright and shining weather that produces heat. White can bounce it off while wearing black can make you even hotter.
  • Accessories like hats and sunglasses are an excellent pair for summer.

We need to mix and match summer clothes to get the most outfits. You can put together several bare essentials and coordinate with each other. Summer will be excellent with the right costumes. These pieces can create a different version of you. Be sporty, feminine, casual, and so much more.

Best Mix and Match Summer Clothes Ideas

Some people have their favorite item. It can be your favorite jeans, a simple white shirt or even a polo T-shirt. The color palette can make you comfy. Moreover, you can opt out of the most suitable fabric for that particular time of the year. Here is some item to mix and match with summer.

1. Simple Tee

This one is the must item for any weather. It can be the first layer in winter, the top for summer, and also perfect for autumn and spring. You can always have a little tee for your summer vacation. They are great with jeans, skirts, and even shorts.

The tee can be plain or have some pictures on it. You can bring several tees for a short vacation to gain various looks. Plus, you can wear a tee for just about any occasion. It is perfect for a sightseeing event and comfy to sleep on. There are many other occasions that you can think of.

2. Cardigan

You can wear a cardigan in a cooler, where the climate is less humid. Summer is hot, but a day at the beach can be windy. So, bring a cardigan just in case the weather changes. A white or brown cardigan can be a great item to match just about any outfit.

A plane ride can also be more comfortable by taking your favorite cardigan along. You don’t have to put it on all the time. It’s great to adjust the body temperature, especially when it is humid and hot at the same time. Add this item to your summer clothes pile.

3. Pattern

Striped tee, polka dot, and every flowery are great for summer. If you want a fashion neutral color, there are various patterns as the focus of your outfit. Plain items can be too safe, so spice things up with a pattern. The combination of neutral and pattern can be the mix that makes you even more appealing.

4. Denim Shorts

Reliable denim shorts look great with a tee, blouse, or shirt. Denim can be a bit heavy, but since the other mixes are light. It is still suitable. If this gets too cold, you can add a cardigan. Moreover, wear a brim hat and sunglasses if the sun is too bright. Then, you can walk and sightseeing comfortably.

5. Chino Shorts

A pair of chino shorts is a timeless option. It is the perfect mix-and-match summer item to pair up with any color and anything. Your white T-shirt, the striped tee, can be lovely with beige chino shorts. People don’t usually choose this item. Yet, if you want to look classical and straightforward at the same time, this is the summer outfit that you need.

6. Blazer

Be bold and dress to impress. A white tank top with denim can look more formal with a white blazer. It can be a substitute for a cardigan, especially if you have a formal invite. The additional blazer can be surprisingly lovely summer clothes with an attitude.

7. Cropped Tank Top

The tank top is versatile. You can match it with shorts or pants. As layers, you can add a cardigan or even a jacket. However, you will likely wander around with only a cropped tank top paired with something as simple as the bottom.

It is excellent for the weekend by the beach, and you can wear it casually by pairing it with jeans or pants. However, you can look more professional with heels and a blazer. What you add can distinguish whether you dress up or down for the event. The cropped tank top is light and only takes up a little space in your bag.

8. Scarf

A day out during summer can be hot and bright. You can choose a white dress or a plain T-shirt and denim and ready to go. For a more vivid look, how about taking a scarf along for the trip? It is light and flowy but can cover you up at all the right time.

A scarf can protect your head from the heat. You can put it around your neck for a softer appearance. It can even be a thin blanket to help you sleep better at night. A long and wide scarf can act as a sarong to create a unique beach look. Take a scarf for this summer. It can give you a versatile style.

Get your mix-and-match summer clothes ideas to wear. You can change this up and produce various stunning looks. Besides that, the summer vacation can be a lot of fun because we can’t function in a dress we don’t like. So, personal taste does influence your clothing options.