22 Quick Way to Reduce Stress Effectively

Reduce stress quickly can get your good mood back. If you are angry and irritable, there is a good chance that you are having anxiety. The best thing to do is take some time and reconnect with yourself. Yes, it is easier said than done. Stress relievers can help you to find peace and get back on track

Some of The Best Methods to Reduce Stress in Minutes

You don’t have to put much time into getting your mind together. You may need time to get used to the activities. Always try to consult with doctors and professionals to cater to your treatment. Here are some of the things that you can do to reduce stress.

reduce stress quickly
reduce stress quickly

Get Active

Physical activity is a great stress reliever. You don’t have to be an athlete or put yourself under a weight loss program. You do a bit of workout to pump the feel-good endorphins to boost your well-being. 

Eat a Healthy Diet

Stress means you put yourself under a lot of pressure. Eating healthy can be a way to take care of yourself. You don’t only look good but also feel good.

Avoid Unhealthy Habits

Don’t eat junk food or smoke when you have much on your mind. These habits can harm your health. In the end, it does nothing to deal with your stress. Who knows, you can even increase your stress levels.


Put all of your attention to yourself. It would help if you rearranged the jumbled thoughts that cause stress. Meditation can put you at ease, calm, peace, and balance. This is a great way to boost your emotional well-being and overall health. 

Reduce Stress by Laugh More

A good laugh can’t cure all ailments. But it can make you feel better. Sometimes, you must deal with the feeling and try to laugh it off. Laughter can cool down your stress level.


When you’re under a lot of stressed and irritable, you may want to be reserved. That is not right; reach out and get help. If you don’t talk about it, no one can help you.

Assert Yourself

You can hide the problems all the time. The best way to reduce stress is by getting help. You need to accept that you need help. Healthy boundaries are an essential aspect of anyone’s wellness journey.

Try Yoga

There are online and offline yoga classes that you can follow to deal with stress. It is a great workout, yet at the same time, you are learning how to breathe right. Yoga is the perfect exercise to obtain it.

Get Enough Sleep

Stress can make you have trouble sleeping. You are affecting your sleep when you have too much to do or think. What you need is 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.


Another way to reduce stress is to take slow and deep breaths. This can help to lower blood pressure and heart rate. This way, you can feel your body getting more relaxed.

Listen to Music

A particular tune and song can help people to relieve stress. If you want to be more reserved, listen to the music through your headset. Classical music can be relaxing and perfect for before bedtime.

Find the Sun

The natural sun’s light can lift your spirits when under stress. Bright light can be a form of treatment for people with depression. It would help if you spent a few minutes in the sun and tried remembering things.

Give Yourself a Hand Massage

A simple hand massage can reduce stress significantly—no need for a professional masseuse. Try to do it yourself. The repeating movement can create an instant relaxation to calm a pounding heart.

Count Backward

When you start developing a heart rate, try slowly counting. It is as simple as counting to 10 and then back again to calm down. It’s hard for some people to go through a lot. However, you need to move forward.

Rub Your Feet Over a Golf Ball

A foot massage can reduce stress. You can use a golf ball and put it under your feet. Then, rub your feet back and forth with a golf ball.

Close Your Eyes

Your head is pounding, and your eyes are getting red. Take a quick break by lowering your eyelid. You are not sleeping, but you are pacing yourself down. Then, you can regain focus as soon as possible.

Squeeze a Stress Ball

There are studies to show how squeezing can influence one to the other. Get a stress ball and squeeze your way out of there. The ball is easy, portable, and non-violent.

Be Alone

Five minutes of meeting can help you to clear your head. Maybe go to the bedroom and rest. Hopefully, you can find peace with it. 

Get Organized

Clutter can build up to stress. Take a few minutes to clean things up. You may need more than one guide. Reduce stress effectively by organizin. It can be a terrific activity after thinking about it. 

Keep a Journal

You are writing down your feelings to release that stress. Don’t think about what to write — let it flow. Write anything that you want. No one else needs to read your journal. Yet, you can do that and look for elements that can trigger your excitement.

Minimize Phone Use and Screen Time

The gadget can make your life easier. However, you need to have a fast from the gauge and cleanse yourself. They actually can contribute to your stress.

Use Aromatherapy

Exposure to essential oils can result in a calming feeling. You can light it during meditation. The option is opt to you. Lavender can make you sleep, and there are many scents that you can try again.

Reduce stress can be challenging but also can be done in so many ways. Here are some ideas that you can try yourself. Everyone should spend some time with themselves and deal with stress. The more you put off the fight, the worse it will get. Mental health is an issue, and people should do something about it.