14 Tips to Keep Fit with a Desk Job with Simple Office Exercises

Samwyche.com – If you want to keep fit with a desk job it is understandable. You are busy and only have a little time to exercise. Fitness can be a struggle, especially if you have a 9 to 5 job and a family to go home to. Sitting all day can lower your metabolism and even gain weight.

There are some activities that you can do to stay fit. healthy life. Moreover, you can even pick up extra energy along the way! You can accommodate the working environment with some moving activities. So, there are multiple things you can do to achieve a fit life and healthy body.

Best Recommendation to Keep Fit With A Desk Job

keep fit with a desk job
keep fit with a desk job

Another option is to keep moving while doing your job. A desk does not have to limit yourself with a bit of stretching here and there. Sure, It can take some time to feel an effect, but it will all work out in the end. Here are some of the best tips on keeping fit with a desk job that you can try at home.

1. Things to avoid

May require learning what to do, but you can start with what you won’t do. Firstly, try only to sit some of the time. You can practice short workouts and be committed to the routine. It can stretch before working, at lunchtime or before going home.

Moreover, the one thing that you should avoid is thinking that you can not stay healthy with a desk job. When you put your mind into something, there are ways to make it into reality. Another thing is to find joy in movement. Make it fun so it will relieve stress instead of causing one.

Another thing that you should avoid is holding your exercise. You may be too comfortable on your desk. Working out can be tiring. Don’t do that! Try to avoid being too tired at work and neglect your health. Taking some time to work out can be beneficial in the few days and the future.

2. Working Facilities

Modern technology provides more benefits and conveniences. You can keep fit with a desk job and be productive at the same time. Some office furniture is more modern and advanced. You can purchase some with excellent features to make a desk job more fun and fresh.

Standing Desk: this is a popular item for most offices. It may be pricey in terms of cost. However, employees will only be stuck with seating while working. You can keep fit with a desk job by having a standing desk to adjust the height and weight.

3. Under The Desk Cycle

You can sit comfortably and do a lower body workout. There are desks with pedals at the bottom. You can cycle like riding a bike or hitting a pedal. These activities can be fun and rewarding. All you need to do is find the right furniture.

4. Balance Ball

Progressive office Like Google Office, use a giant bouncing ball as a chair. You can work and jump at the same time. This chair is fun and can keep you moving even when busy with a deadline and mood hormone increase.

5. Sturdy Chair

Many office exercises use a desk or chair. Spend extra bucks to have a sturdy chair. You can pay attention to the structure and ensure I can support your body weight.

You can go online or go to an offline store. There are many options for healthier furniture to accommodate moving while working. It is an investment that you want to make in the long run. Plus, this furniture is of high quality, and you can use it for a long time.

6. Desk Exercises

Getting fixed when you are seated all the time can use the desk itself as a workout place. You can even work for lower and higher parts of the body. Even if the area is limited, you have a few minutes to spear and keep moving.

7. Do riceps Dips

you can do Triceps Dips with a chair. Scoot with both hands facing forward. Then, put your palms on the chair, bend your elbows straight back, and lower yourself.

8. Arm Pulses

Stand at your desk with arms and palms facing behind. Pulse the arms backwards in 20 seconds, keeping them straight as long as possible.

9. Arm Circles

You can lean on the desk with feet shoulder-width apart. After that, extend the arm straight out to the sides at shoulder height. Then, move the components in a small backward circle. Try to do it as much as possible and switch directions.

10. Desk Push-Ups

your desk can support your body weight. Put your hands flat on your desk, then lower yourself down toward your desk. Then, push back up until the arms are straight but not locked.

11. Wall Push-Ups

You can do a variation of the desk version. But this time, you use the wall. The steps are the same.

12. Chair Squats

This is a lower body exercise by standing next to the chair and lowering your body back down. Then, stop before you sit around down. Then, stand back up again.

13.Pretend Jump Rope

You can hop on both feet as an alternate. Add intensity by moving the arms as if you were holding a rope.

14. Calf Raises

Stand up behind a chair and hold on for support. After that, raise your heels off the floor and stand on your toes. Slowly lower yourself back to the floor.

Anyone can do many other desk exercises to keep fit with a desk job. The desk, chair, and wall can be the tools for you to get a bit of practice. These movements can also refresh your body and help you refocus on the job. 

Those are some excellent tips on how to keep fit with a desk job. There may be better settings. However, by knowing some movements, buying certain kinds of furniture and having the right mindset, you can stay healthy even with a seated occupation. Try this advice and feel the result.